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How to deposit a document

Created: 27-01-2021 - Last updated: 27-01-2021

Procedure to deposit a document

1. Open the deposit interface

Log in on SONAR. On your account, you have a link to the administration. From there, you can use the "Deposits" menu in the header. You must be attached to an organisation with a "submitter" or "moderator" role in order to be able to deposit documents.

2. Upload your file(s), and then follow the steps to complete the process

For text documents, use preferably the PDF format.

Note that you can fill in the metadata form (steps 2 and 3 of the deposit) by automatically extracting data from the deposited PDF file. For that, use the button "Import metadata" in step 2, then "Analyze uploaded PDF". This process retrieves fields like title, abstract, authors and corresponding affiliations, etc. but it does not guarantee 100% accuracy in all cases, it strongly depends on how contents are coded within the PDF. The extracted data can then be manually completed or corrected.

Other metadata import methods are being prepared.

3. Click on "Submit"

If you are a submitter, your submission will be validated by a moderator, to ensure that data is entered completely and correctly. If you are a validator, the document can be directly made visible.

Publication rights

When you submit a document on SONAR, you must ensure that

  • the document's authors allow it to be visible in SONAR
  • the publication on SONAR does not infringe third party copyrights, especially publisher's copyright

Currently, more than two thirds of all scientific journals allow authors to archive a preprint or postprint version of the articles they publish. The "Sherpa Romeo" site lists in detail the conditions of a large number of publishers. The local head of your organisation and the moderators should also be able to provide assistance in this matter.